In this brief article I share the latest episode of the Stuck on Sorna podcast, a podcast dedicated to the behind the scenes development of Jurassic Park 3. I join podcast host Daniel Stephen to talk about the Aviary sequence and Pteranodon palaeontology in Jurassic Park 3.

Some more podcast discussions to share!

This time I join host Daniel Stephen the creator of the Stuck on Sorna Podcast in Episode 5 to talk about the Aviary sequence in Jurassic Park 3 and the Pteranodons.

The Aviary sequence in Jurassic Park 3 is iconic for a number of reasons. Find out more about the artwork and conception of the Aviary design in the latest podcast episode! Image credit: Jurassic Vault, 2021.

The episode itself focuses on the art of Jack Johnson and Ed Verreaux. The Stuck on Sorna Podcast is a fantastic addition to the Jurassic fandom, created in 2021 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the film and share more about the films production.

Aviary artwork for Jurassic Park 3 by artist Jack Johnson. Image credit: Daniel Stephen courtesy of Universal Pictures, 2021.

Daniel has put a lot of work into obtaining interviews with cast and crew members of JP3 as well as interviews with community members within the Jurassic fandom. If you are a Jurassic Park, dinosaur or movie fan you will not want to miss listening to the behind scenes insights! Do give Daniel Stephen a follow on Twitter and check out his Linktree.

The Stuck on Sorna Podcast

You can listen to Episode 5 of Stuck on Sorna podcast below:

Ep. 5 – Billy Brennan and the Design of Suspense Stuck On Sorna

A glimpse at what the entire film could have been. Jurassic Park 3's aviary sequence gets so many things right, including the proper amount of suspense with carefully placed buildup of tension. Why does it work so well? How difficult was it to film someone walking around set wearing a Pteranodon costume? Is Grant a jerk? Let's discuss. Follow @stuckonsorna on Twitter and Instagram. Email StuckOnSorna@gmail.comGuests on this episode:Stan Winston's John Rosengrant (co-founder of Legacy Effects)Stan Winston's Mark VinielloStan Winston's David MonzingoBrad Jost, The Jurassic Park PodcastSteven Ray Morris, the See Jurassic Right podcastTom Fishenden, @Tom_Jurassic on Twitter/IGAnthony Feliciano, @TheAntFeliciano on TwitterJames Ronan, @JurassicJames1 on TwitterBri, host of the NEO Jurassic Podcast, @NeoJurassic on TwitterDP Shelly JohnsonProduction Designer Ed Verreaux Artist Jack JohnsonAlso, follow Legacy Effects @legacyeffects and Stan Winston School @stanwinstonschool on Instagram 

It was a pleasure to join Daniel to share some palaeontology knowledge and chat about Jurassic Park 3. I should hopefully be appearing on Episode 6 of the podcast as well! Whilst Jurassic Park 3 is the weakest film in the franchise for me, I still love the film to bits! I wrote an article for The Jurassic Park Podcast a while ago about my Top 5 Moments from the film, which you can read here.

Artwork of the Aviary watergates by Jurassic Park 3 production designer Ed Verreaux. Image credit: Daniel Stephen courtesy of Universal Pictures, 2021.

As I shared last time, I am currently spending all my time on thesis work and attending university lectures, so there will not be a scientific discovery article for a while. In the meantime, though do give my past articles a read and do give the blog a follow to keep up to date with my latest posts! You can catch up with all my palaeontology and podcast outreach at my Linktree here.

The Jurassic Park 3 Pteranodons search for new nesting grounds at the end of film. Image credit: Jurassic Vault, 2021.

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