University of Bristol, MSc Palaeobiology 2019-2022

Plymouth University, Geography BA Hons 2012-2016


Ronan, J., Duffin, C.J., Hildebrandt, C., Parker, A., Hutchinson, D., Copp C., and Benton, M.J. 2020. Beginning of Mesozoic marine overstep of the Mendips: The Rhaetian and its fauna at Hapsford Bridge, Vallis Vale, Somerset, UK. Proceedings of the Geologist’s Association. 131, 578-594

Palaeontology Outreach

Dinosaur Isle Museum August 2019

Working with the Dinosaur Isle Museum in August 2019 I spent a week helping with palaeontology outreach in the Museum and on local fossil hunts. This role included fossil preparation work on some large, fossilised oysters using an air scribe in the dinosaur lab, co-running the fossil stall in the Museum, and supporting the Dinosaur Isles public fossil walks at Yaverland, Compton Bay and Brook Chine with Geologist Steve Radforth.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project 2018-2020

Working with the Bristol Dinosaur Project I helped co-lead palaeontology workshops in local schools around Bristol. These sessions included fossil breakdown activities, fossil handling, identification, and discussion. Workshops focused on the Bristol Dinosaur Thecodontosaurus as well as the dinosaurs of the British Isles including Iguanodon, Baryonyx and more.

Also led groups of children in an Africa and Fossils workshop activity that focused on Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, complete with its ecology. Accompanied The Bristol Dinosaur Project in its Dinosaur Takeover! at Bristol Museum where I led and supervised the fossil dig activity, where children could look for fossils and identify their discoveries.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery 2017-2018

Worked as a Pliosaurus! Exhibition volunteer at Bristol Museum. The exhibition focused on the fossil discovery of Pliosaurus carpenteri. Engaged Bristol Museum’s visitors with palaeontology, encouraging families and children to interact with the life size Pliosaurus model and explore the interactive exhibits located around the room. Supported Bristol Rocks! Geology activity day at Bristol Museum where I talked about the Pliosaurus skull with visitors alongside the Bristol Dinosaur Project. Provided volunteer support for Geology tours of the collection’s stores led by Isla Gladstone, Senior Curator of Natural Sciences at Bristol Museum.

Research Experience

The University of Bristol

MSc Thesis 2019-2022

How did hadrosaurs use their amazing dentitions to cement such a successful radiation in the Late Cretaceous? Supervised by Professor Mike Benton, Professor Emily Rayfield and James Logan King.

At the Feet of the Dinosaurs Research Intern 2018-2021

Research Project focusing on the identification of Rhaetian microfauna fossils at Vallis Vale near Hapsford Bridge in Frome, UK. The published paper is available here.


MSc Palaeobiology Research Group

How did hadrosaurs use their amazing dentitions to cement such a successful radiation in the Late Cretaceous? Presentation of more developed research. 8 minute presentation with questions. Presented to the Palaeobiology Research Group over Zoom. 30th July 2021.

How did hadrosaurs use their amazing dentitions to cement such a successful radiation in the Late Cretaceous? Presented to the Palaeobiology Research Group over Zoom. 23rd April 2020.

MSc Thesis pilot study

15 minute presentation on BlueJeans on hadrosaur jaw function and evolution. Presented to the Palaeobiology Macroevolution Group. 9th April 2020.

Mendip Rocks! Somerset Earth Science Centre

Presentation with Professor Mike Benton and Jack Lovegrove on the Mendips as Triassic Islands. Presented my research on the fossil fauna of Vallis Vale, Frome. Attended by visiting lecturers and the public, 70 people in total. 12th October 2019.

MSc Palaeobiology Poster Presentation

The radiation and diversity of duck billed dinosaurs. Presented to the Palaeobiology Research Group. November 11th 2019.

Current Controversies Group Presentation

Current controversies on the early evolution of jawed vertebrates (Placoderms). Presented to the Palaeobiology Research Group. October 24th 2019.


Guild of Taxidermists- Member 2020-Present

Palaeontological Association- Member 2018-Present


Coursera offered by the University of Alberta 2017-2018

Dino 101: Dinosaur Palaeobiology -Distinction

Palaeontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds – Distinction

Palaeontology: Ancient Marine Reptiles – Distinction

Palaeontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution – Distinction