On the 27th of April I attended Wales Comic Con, it was a fantastic experience capped off by meeting my childhood hero from Jurassic Park, Sam Neill!

Normally I wouldn’t do an article like this for Jurassic Finds but I figured I just had to share what happened on the 27th of April on here. So I was really lucky enough to get tickets for Wales Comic Con a while ago and I also managed to get a photo op with Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill. Sam Neill’s portrayal as palaeontologist Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 resonated a lot with me growing up and was a really big reason why I always wanted to pursue a career in palaeontology. It meant a lot to me to be able to finally meet him!

The day at Wales Comic Con was really great despite the horrible weather. So when it came time to head off for my photo op with Sam Neill I was really excited about it all! I was the second to last person to have a photo with Sam and got the opportunity to chat to him during the photo. I introduced myself, shook his hand. He saw my hoodie at once and said “it’s really great, we have to use this in the photo!” I said I was a writer for the The Jurassic Park Podcast. We had the photo. I then said I was a student palaeontologist. He said to me “so the film really inspired you then? To go into that field”. I said yeah it really did! I shook his hand again and said a massive Thank You to him, and that was it. It was all very surreal! I met my childhood hero and I think the photo below says it all!

Me and Sam Neil.png
Me and Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill who portrayed palaeontologist Dr. Alan Grant.

As a big Jurassic Park fan I couldn’t have asked for a better photo! It is an experience I will never forget for sure!

My next article will be focusing back on the latest fossil discoveries. I am hoping it will not be too long before I can get started on it. For now though you can catch up with all my previous articles at the link. I look forward to sharing more about the latest fossil discoveries with you all very soon!





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