In this brief article I share about taking part in Mendip Rocks 2019 at the Somerset Earth Science Centre sharing my palaeontology research this year. It was a fantastic event celebrating the Geology of the Mendips. I also share when you can expect my next fossil discovery article. 

Hello everyone,

So it has been a while since I have written an article for Jurassic FindsEverything is in full swing for me at the moment having started my Palaeobiology MSc (I am in my 5th week now and enjoying every minute of it!). I have been juggling my work load the past month alongside my other research journal article project which is now in it’s final stages.

I finally now have time to share about a presentation I recently gave in early October. So if you didn’t already know this past year I have been working on a research journal article focusing on a Rhaetian bone bed site in the Mendips area, examining fossils from 201-208 million years ago. This publishable journal article I have been working on is  part of the At The Feet of the Dinosaurs summer internship programme at the University of Bristol. Research I will be sharing more of when it is completely published!

So on the 12th of October I gave a presentation on the results of my research this year alongside my supervisor Professor Mike Benton to 70 people at the Somerset Earth Centre, as part of the Mendip Rocks 2019 Geology Festival. The Geology day was also celebrating the Somerset Earth Science Centres 10th Anniversary, it was a really enjoyable event and you can read the programme below.

Mendip Rocks 2019
Mendip Rocks, 2019 programme for the day.
Mendip Rocks 2019 Presentation
Me and Professor Mike Benton talking about my research this year on Rhaetian bone bed fossils I have been working on. I will be sharing more about this in the near future. Image credit: Somerset Earth Science Centre, 2019.

In terms of when you can expect my next blog article I am hoping to be back writing fossil discovery content soon. I am aiming to be back supporting the blog in late November when things have settled down for me research/work wise.

Mendip Rocks 2019
Speakers for the day Prof Mike Benton, James Ronan, Jack Lovegrove, Prof Tony Watts, Prof Owen Green and Dr Ania Losiak. We celebrated #earthsciweek and Earth Science Centre 10th Anniversary! Image credit: Somerset Earth Science Centre, 2019.

In the mean time you can read my past articles at the link and if you aren’t already please do follow the blog to stay up to date with my latest palaeontology updates.

I look forward to sharing more about my views of the latest fossil discoveries with you all very soon!

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