A brief article sharing live commentaries of the first five episodes of the Netflix Animated Series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous with Jurassic Unicast.

I wanted to take some time to share the following five video commentaries here on Jurassic Finds of the DreamWorks Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous which I have been involved in (I’m not on the first episode). Currently I have a fair bit of palaeontology reading to crack on with (I’m currently reading John Pickrell’s Weird Dinosaurs!) and I have various palaeontology papers to catch up on. I am planning on writing a proper palaeontology blog post soon, as there have been quite a few discoveries within the past few weeks which I intend to cover here on the blog.

I am only sharing the first five episodes here, the rest of the series you will have to tune into every Thursday evening for the remainder. You can subscribe to Jurassic Unicast to be notified when each episode will be airing live.

Episode 1: “Camp Cretaceous”
Episode 2: “Secrets”
Episode 3: “The Cattle Drive”
Episode 4: “Things Fall Apart”
Episode 5: “Happy Birthday, Eddie!”

It is always a great time joining in with the Jurassic fandom on various streams and Podcast episodes. I have a fair few Podcast appearances lined up, but the blog will be updated with a proper palaeontology blog post soon! Unfortunately, the scientific blog articles do take time and because of the wealth of palaeontology news dumps over the past few weeks, I need to spend some time reading and going through what I can cover here. Jurassic Finds is also really close to breaking 11,000 views this year, again ‘Thank You’ to everyone across the globe for supporting the blog by reading my content. If you have excitedly stumbled upon this blog post, please give the blog a follow and check out my previous articles!

The kids enter Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Image credit: DreamWorks Animation/Netflix, 2020.

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